the metro difference

1. 8-Point Rent Optimization Check-up

Our property managers are always on the pulse as to what is happening in the rental market so that you can focus on what’s important.  We keep you informed and provide expert advice along the way so you can make good decisions, without any associated stress.  

2. 12-Month Property Protection Program

Nobody likes bad surprises.  So our property managers will monitor and notify you of certain items in your property that may need repair or replacement in the future, to ensure that you have enough time to set aside funds if required.  This also helps encourage quality tenants and maintains a friendly relationships when their co-operation is required.

3. Rent Protection Program*

Life can throw some unexpected problems our way, no matter what you do.  For example, a tenant can default on rent for various reason and put you in a difficult financial situation.  Metro Rentals has developed a process to ensure your property’s rent is recovered and/or re-rented as soon as possible.

4.  Tenant SafetyNet

Our Tenant SafetyNet ensures that we don’t put any “Tenants from Hell” into your property.  All applicants are:

  • Checked against the tenancy black-list database
  • Additional background checks, if required
  • Check their payslips to ensure they are able to cover rent and their own living expenses
  • 100 point ID Check
  • Reference from their previous property manager
  • Interview before signing their lease

5. Expert team of Industry Professionals

Metro Rentals in-house team of experts are ready to provide you with unbiased advice.  Together with a number of highly skilled associates from solicitors to plumbers there is no question or problem too big to handle. We only select quality licensed trades people who are friendly and affordable.  

6. Management of Advertising, Open Inspections and Maintainance Repairs

We take the hassle out of managing your property by creating compelling advertisements to market your property, being present at all inspections (no keys handed out), and using affordable, quality trades people in the up-keep of your property.  

7. Personalised Service with Ongoing Communication & Updates

Never be left out in the loop.  We provide you with photos of your property, regular phone calls and mail-outs to let you know the status of your property.

8. Australia’s Most Rewarding Property Management Referral Program

It says something when your clients are willing to promote you to their family, friends and associates.  We decided that we wanted to thank them for their vote of confidence.  So for every new management referred to us you’ll receive 1% discount* on property management fees for 6 months on one of your properties or a cash reward.    Effectively, you could have your property managed absolutely FREE!

9. A low vacancy-rate track record

Metro Rentals has consistently kept its vacancy rate well below the average industry rate of 4% for the past 3 years.

10.  Simple Fee Structure & Flat-rate Management Fee

There are some very cheap management fees out there, but you have to ask the question, “What shortcuts are they taking to keep their costs down in order to make money.  And if they’re not making money, how long are they going to be around?”.  Others entice you with the low fee and then hit you with a whole lot of other charges and if you add it all up, you might end up paying more.  

Pay for Service - Admin Fees

  • New Lease/Re-signed Lease - One week’s rent/Half week’s rent
  • Advertising Fee - $66 per year/property - unlimited advertising#
  • Tribunal Representation - $66/hour

Flat-Rate Management Fees - 8% +GST includes:

  • All sundries (postage and handling, statements each month, banking fees)
  • 4 inspections per year
  • Tenant, trades & property management

* Terms & conditions apply.  Speak with our property managers for more information. 
# Applies only to online advertising. 


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