the metro process

The metro rental process is built around 5 simple steps that we use to consistently minimise risk, optimise your property for rent, secure quality tenants and manage it well.

We are constantly testing and reviewing each step of our processes to provide the highest quality of service to you.

Our goal is work with you to build and manage a solid property portfolio, and  allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.

stage one - engage

QLD PAMD Act states that before we can do anything, you must engage us as your Property Manager by signing a Appointment of Agent Form (20A) and transfering your property over to our care.  This is a simple and fast process.

stage two - optimise

We then evaluate your property using our 8-point Optimisation Program to see if we can improve your property’s rental potential.   We then present a plan, discuss the benefits and execute it on your behalf.  In most cases, we’ve been able to increase rents by 10-50% with simple ideas. 

stage three - locate

Once your property has been optimised for rent, its now time to present and market it to potential rental candidates.  If you already have great tenants in place, then we will work closely with them to help maintain your property.

stage four - manage

Our 12-month Property Protection Program commences immediately once secured tenants in place.  We monitor and inspect your property on a regular basis and keep you up to date with its condition and possible future repairs that may be required. 

stage five - review

The property market is very dynamic.  So it is important to regularly review your property’s competiveness and rent-ability.  This ensures consistent rental income and peace of mind.