pet application

Please complete the form below if you would like to apply for pets to be staying at your rental property. 



A photo of the pet is required.

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(Files must end in .gif or .jpg)

Should the application be approved, the tenants agree to the following: 1. If an outside pet, the tenant/s agree not to allow the pet inside the house at any time. 2. The tenant/s agree to have flea control treatment for the keeping of dogs and cats and lice control treatment for the keeping of birds carried out by a registered pest control company upon vacating the property and a receipt is to be produced as proof of this having been done. 3. Should there be evidence of fleas and lice during the tenancy, the property must be fumigated by a registered pest control company at the tenant/s expense and a receipt is to be produced. 4. The tenant/s agree to remove the pet droppings from the property on a weekly basis. 5. The tenant/s agree that the dog will be registered in accordance with the local council by-laws and kept in a fenced area and not to cause a disturbance to the neighbors. 6. The tenant/s hereby indemnify and keep the lessor indemnified in respect of all damages, injuries,loss, costs or any other expenses whatsoever whether caused directly or indirectly from the tenant’s dog including but not limited to the tenant’s dog escaping the property and causing loss, damage, injury or costs to any third party. 7. The tenant/s agree that any damage caused by the pet during the tenancy will be repaired immediately. 8. The tenant/s agree that no unauthorized pets will be kept at the premises for any length of time. 9. The tenant/s agree that if they keep fish in a fish tank, they accept responsibility for any damage caused by leakage or spillage of water.